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Our design expertise creates lasting value.

My name is Bill Carr, owner of Woodstream Landscape Inc. I am a NYSNLA landscape Designer and I have been designing and installing high quality Landscape projects throughout Monroe County for over 25 years.

We understand that every homesite and every customer are different. We design and build landscapes for all kinds of homeowners, each with different wishes, different pastimes and different budgets.

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Landscaping design & installations

  • Landscape design
  • Landscaping installation
  • Hardscapes
  • Pool design
  • pool landscaping


The value we add

If you are investing money in improving your landscaping, you should expect top end results that will have a lasting impact on your property.

This takes the right combination of landscaping ingredients used in a creative and thoughtful design. It is a recipe that not every chef can prepare properly. 

Our Top End expertise in Landscape Design is unique when comparing Rochester area landscape companies. 

Landscape plan for inground pool project
Inground Pool and Patio in Rochester NY
Landscape designer presenting a Landscape design to a customer
Boulder retaining wall

Landscape design

we’re different because we take our time.

We have found that the best way to attain a successful landscape is by providing an exceptional landscape design and package it with our landscape installation services.

We first invest time in the design phase because it’s the single most important step in ensuring a long lasting project.

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Why are our projects always so different ?

Mostly it is about creative and thoughtful design.

Turn the largest space in your home... into a daily vacation.

When homeowners purchase a pool, they have an idea in their head as to what their space will look like. It may be green and lush, or it may be exotic and tropical.

Regardless, the pool alone will not make your vision a reality. It is the landscaping and outdoor living space around the pool that ties the overall space together.

By creating the “feel” of a multi functional outdoor living area, that includes the pool, the space becomes viewed as an asset instead of a liability.

Backyard with a pool, patio and landscaping designed by a professional landscape designer

Front yard Landscaping

Your Curb appeal Matters

Over time, your front yard landscaping will only turn out as good as the underlying design concept. 

As a homeowner, it will be years before you will be able to judge the quality of the underlying design concept and whether or not it helped your overall home value.

Paying for a professional design ensures that you are not wasting time and money on something that is never going to look right…… no matter how much time you spend trying to Maintain it.


Live Life Outdoors

Backyards are places of rich memories… Birthday Parties… Games… Summer Barbecues…. A Space that bring friends and family together….Outside.

Have you ever spent a lazy afternoon or evening with friends out on the patio, only to look back and think, “That was a terrible time!”


Landscape Makeovers

You don't have to live with a high maintenance landscape that negatively affects your homes value.........just because it's already there. We can help you fix It....and it will pay for itself !

Landscape Installation

We design and install projects of all sizes. By adopting a leaner approach to our overhead we are able to pack value into our projects, keeping us competitive on projects, big and small.

Landscape Boulders

At Woodstream Landscape we use natural stone in many of our projects. The use of natural stone creates a timeless “Authenticity” that no other material can match.......creating subtle........IMPACT !

Landscape Lighting

Take a beautifully landscaped yard add some carefully orchestrated lighting, and you won’t believe the result! It becomes magical at night. Creating a whole new level of function that you never thought possible.

landscaping & design projects

Landscape Projects

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Landscape architect holding a landscape design for a new yard

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