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Thinking about installing Landscape Lighting ?

Landscape lighting is a low investment that has a high return on investment. But it’s tremendous impact is much more significant than just measuring its return on investment.

It’s greatest asset is the impact it has on the look and function of your outdoor spaces.

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The information on this entire site is based on my formal education in Landscape Architecture combined with over 25 years of professional experience, designing inground pools and backyard living environments in Rochester, NY and Hilton Head, SC..

create value...

....with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the most cost-effective ways that Rochester area homeowners can add curb appeal and value their homes.

Also, Visit our home page to see information on 6 University studies which show impact of curb appeal and front landscaping on home value

Add curb appeal and value to your home

Frontyard Lighting

The key to exterior lighting is creating the right balance between highlighting the architectural details of your home and important landscape elements.

Your curb appeal will be enhanced as your property comes to life in a way you will never tire of seeing.

Your home, lit properly, will take on a subtle, magical beauty that will “wow” onlookers and give you a warm, welcome feeling every time you return to it.

Another benefit of exterior landscape lighting is the added safety and security it provides. Exterior lighting prevents tripping and slipping hazards as well as discouraging crime.

Learn more about Revitalizing your outdoor spaces. Including:

“Your backyard becomes magical at night. Creating a whole new level of function that you never thought possible.”

Backyard Lighting

Enjoy your outdoor living space late into the evening. The total time AND the amount of functional area you can use to relax or entertain, can be expanded to double or triple the space you enjoy now.

You will no longer have to return indoors at dusk. Your residential outdoor spaces will come alive and actually look more beautiful as the sun disappears.

Learn more about Revitalizing your Backyard  Including:

Backyard pools Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

What to know before installing outdoor Lighting

we can help you design your space

Why are our projects always so different? Partially it’s the quality of the materials we use and the care we take in our installations, but mostly it is about creative and thoughtful design.

The right design will maximize the overall function and appeal of your entire property. It helps clarify your expectations, establish your budget and helps you to visualize and prioritize multi-phase enhancements.

Extensive time and detail is put into these plans so that your landscape will continue to add curb appeal, function & increased Home Value, Not maintenance and frustration.

It is for this reason we charge a fee for design work, which is around $250-$350 for a traditional 2D architectural plan for most front or backyard landscape Projects.

Pool Designs run about $395 due to the extra time involved, such as measuring and laying out grades, drainage, setbacks etc.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Reach out.

$150 for a traditional 2D architectural plan, which is all you really need. If we are already doing landscaping or hardscaping, then the lighting design is Free. We will provide an estimate for high quality fixtures and installation

Typically $3,000 – $4,000 using high quality Brass fixtures and commercial transformers.

Around $250-$300 for a traditional 2D architectural plan for most front or backyard landscape Projects. We do offer 3D renderings for about $250 – $300 extra, but it’s more for visualization and not critical for planning and layout of the project.

If you decide on pavers for project we would do that. We also install all the landscaping, privacy planting, any walls or hardscapes needed. We will provide estimates for any of that work.

$395 for a traditional 2D architectural plan which is what is used for planning and layout of the pool and surrounding spaces for your project.

You choose the pool builder. They will install the pool, including backfill, rough grading and fence.

On projects where we are doing some of the installation work (like landscaping) we lay out fencing and concrete so it gets done according to plan.

We actually will be working for you. We manage a project with your best interests in mind. With that said, we work with whoever you choose as your pool builder.

No problem! As long as we are doing some of the other work (like Landscaping) I will layout the design for the mason to ensure it gets put in according to the plan.

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