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Hi, my name is Bill Carr, owner of Woodstream Landscape Inc. I am a NYSNLA landscape Designer in Rochester NY. I have been designing and installing high quality Landscape projects throughout Monroe County, and beyond for over 25 years.

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Vision | artistry | 25 Years of experience

Woodstream landscape

A design oriented landscape company in Rochester NY

On this overall website you will find helpful Information you’ll need in order to plan any Landscape Project.

The information is based on my formal education in Landscape Architecture combined with over 25 years of professional experience, designing & installing Front yard Landscaping, inground pools and backyard living environments in Rochester, NY and Hilton Head, SC.

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Boulders add 'Real Value' to your landscaping

The Benefits of using Boulders in your Landscaping

At Woodstream Landscape we use natural stone in many of our projects.

Due to the overall weight and the cost of obtaining, transporting, and placing boulders, they may seem like an expensive addition. However, the “look” and impact is worth the extra expense.

If you do it right, there are benefits to using boulders in your landscape other than just aesthetics. There are also some ‘Real Dollar Benefits’ to using boulders in a landscape composition, including:

  • Because they boost the overall look of a well done design, they can pretty much pay for themselves with the increased ROI.
  • Another benefit that will offset some of your initial cost is the fact that “Boulder Accents” will replace some of the plants needed in a landscape composition. So you will save on plants right from the beginning.
  • AND over time, you will save on Maintenance (time or cost) because once they are in, you literally never have to touch them ever again.

Boulders for Front yards

combine Boulders with front landscaping to boost Curb appeal

When designing a Front yard landscape the combination of hardscaping and plantings create the best outcome.

When we say hardscapes it refers to the heavier elements in a landscape such as:

  • Boulders
  • Pathways
  • Patios & walkways
  • Pillars and walls

Although they require more technical consideration when being installed, hardscaping elements normally require minimal maintenance thereafter.

We directly source this material creating a cost effective solution for retaining walls and grade changes.

Another option we offer that adds to the look of our projects, is the use of weathered boulders to create accents and outcroppings. The natural look of these boulders adds interesting texture and form to your landscape composition.

Boulders for Backyards

Natural Stone for outdoor living areas

Boulders and Natural Stone are great for creating a very natural and relaxed ‘feel’ to your outdoor living area project.

We often create unique backyard living space using a type of “Adirondack Style”, which has a European ‘lean’ as far as organization and underlying framework, but is influenced by the native Adirondack landscape & scenery.

This “Refined Natural” blends better than a true native landscape in typical neighborhoods. It’s also very easy to maintain and we find that it’s easier to ‘read’ for most homeowners.

Landscape Boulders

How to use Boulders in your landscaping

The use of natural stone creates a timeless “Authenticity” that no other material can match.

The trick is getting the right material and using it the right way.

  • Size: Use large enough boulders to achieve proper ‘scale’, otherwise it will…just look wrong.
  • Plant your boulder: Always bury your boulders a few inches at least. You don’t want it to look like it ‘landed’ there, It should seem like part of a larger outcrop that has yet to be exposed.
  • Group Boulders: It’s rare to find just one boulder by itself in nature. They tend to exist in groups of varying shapes and sizes.
  • Use the same type of stone: In nature you would find a group of stones linked by the same parent material.
  • Integrate plantings to achieve a natural look. Plants that partially cover a boulder add ‘scale’ by creating the ‘perception’ that the boulder is larger than it really is.

Boulders for Retaining Walls

Using Boulders to create flat usable Space

Natural boulders can be used in place of man made blocks to create retaining walls. They are much longer lasting and add a natural ambience to your project.

We directly source this material creating a cost effective solution for retaining walls and grade changes.

Boulder retaining wall located in Rochester NY

Boulders for water features

How to create Natural Looking waterfeatures

A water feature is a natural feature that draws people.

Often becoming the hub of a backyard landscape. It’s a great place to create some family memories.

It does take experience & a “good eye” to know how to position rock so it looks natural.

The trick to creating natural looking water features is choosing:

  • the shape
  • texture
  • type of stone
  • size stone

Make sure to be consistent with the ‘type’ of stone used ( Same parent material ) in order to create an Authentic water feature.

Also, stay away from palletized flat field stone, except when building the waterfalls….Don’t use it for the pond sides.

tips for creating natural looking water features:

  • Be careful when using flat stone. It’s hard to create authenticity.
  • Don’t use perfectly smooth round boulders to create water features, especially the rock outside the basin.
  • Create the proper ‘scale’ by using some larger individual rocks, or group & bury rocks to create perception of larger rock.
  • Don’t use rock that is all pretty much the same size.
  • Integrate “softscape” or plantings into the project to create age, authenticity, contrast and even influence ‘scale’.
  • A good trick is to use plants that are not perfect to create a more natural “feel”.
landscape Design for a backyard and patio

What we Do
our services

Landscape architect holding a landscape design for a new yard
1: On Site Meeting

We offer exceptional landscape design services, presenting homeowners in the Rochester area with a plan that makes the most of their property.

Design is the foundation of any landscaping project. We start by fully understanding your project requirements.

An on-site meeting will help us visualize the potential of your space and establish a concrete understanding of your needs and wants.

Landscape Design drawn by a landscape architect
2: Landscape Design

Once we understand your vision, we’ll design a landscape plan to organize and enhance your space.The plans are detailed to the point that a clear project scope and budget can be defined.

This will ensure we’re both on the same page and we’ve communicated everything needed before diving deeper into the project. 

Once you feel our approach is in line with your vision and you would like to move forward, we will present a final plan & estimate.


If you would like to move forward, we’ll get a small deposit (10%) and schedule your project.

For pavers and hardscapes, we’ll have you select the color, style, and brand at a large outdoor showroom. We’ll take care of ordering proper quantities and scheduling deliveries.

Within a couple days of starting we’ll get another 30% deposit so we can order all the necessary materials.


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Vision | artistry | 25 Years of experience

Woodstream landscape

A design oriented landscape company in Rochester NY

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